Solar Tracker attracts attention

Solar Tracker attracts attention

Location: Penticton, BC

Pro Eco Energy has installed the first extra-large solar tracker consisting of a 40-panel solar array producing 18,714 kWh per year. That’s up to 55% more output than a fixed (non-moving) solar array will achieve. The photovoltaic Tracker will follow the sun during the day to collect every sun ray for maximum performance, and it’s the first of it’s kind in Western Canada.

solar tracker large photovoltaic rotating panel

solar tracker large photovoltaic rotating panel

Other key facts:

  • Dual-axis tracking for solar photovoltaic system
  • size of solar array: 66 m2
  • Height of tracker: 8.0 meters
  • Weight: 2,500 kg (without base) =5,512 lbs
  • Base: concrete
  • Annual output: 18,714 kWh (Penticton)
  • Tracking: Permanent calculation of the sun’s position
  • Concept: GPS enabled tracking control

Depending on the installation location, the dual-axis PV-Tracker system generates up to 55% more output than optimized fixed PV installations (non-moving) will achieve. The extra output increases with the amount of direct solar radiation. The better ventilation of the modules as a result of the greater distance from the ground also has a positive impact on the output. In addition, because of the ground clearance, the modules of a tracking system are less exposed to soiling than fixed near-ground installations.

The LM Tracker follows the course of the sun on any given day. Through it’s GPS-enabled control unit, the tracker knows it’s exact geographical position and the position of the sun. Therefore, reflection and cloud cover do not affect the tracking process. The higher expenditure on technology pays off quickly through significantly higher energy output.

This dual-axis tracker is mounted on a pole for flexible installation. With a module surface of 70 square meters, it has a power output capacity of 12kWp. All standard PV Modules can be installed on the module surface.

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Solar Tracker in the TVNews
Our Solar Tracker, a big rotating solar array new to Western Canada, made the news!

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