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geothermal solar planPro Eco Energy has a solid history designing and installing highly efficient heating, cooling and waste heat recovery systems for commercial, public and residential buildings.

  • Consulting: We evaluate your current energy structure and recommend solutions to save on your energy bills and create energy efficiencies.
  • Design: We create custom systems to take the greatest advantage of your unique geographical setting and building construction.
  • Installation: our experts install and support a wide variety of commercial and residential systems including solar thermal, ground-source heat pumps, and heat recovery units.

Giving you the most advanced technologies and custom-designed hybrid systems, we specialize in both:

  • energy retrofits of commercial buildings, and
  • systems for new commercial construction.

Be a green energy leader – you’ll save on gas bills and you’ll save your community from greenhouse gases. Alternative energy systems recover the energy in your property’s natural features: solar and geothermal to heat your building. In many cases we can recapture and recycle your building’s wasted energy.

We carefully analyze your requirements and give you a detailed energy-efficiency proposal. The return-on-investment is typically 20% and higher. Read more about alternative energy savings

With our commitment to innovation as well as quality and economy, we give you an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly design. You’ll receive the benefits of one company overseeing the entire project — from planning and design to supplying and installing the latest equipment.

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Our Solar Tracker, a big rotating solar array new to Western Canada, made the news!

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