Public alternative energy systems

Public buildings and institutions: alternative energy systems

Public buildings and institutions have high energy needs, and the natural features of the building’s property are not always taken advantage of. Large and small buildings benefit from gathering their local renewable energy resources. Using solar, energy management controls, pumps, ground source or heat recovery methods, a building can use and reuse it’s renewable energy resources, dramatically decreasing it’s greenhouse gas emissions while saving up to 65%+ on their gas and hydro bills. Many buildings have achieved net zero annual energy consumption and zero carbon emissions!

The Grand Forks Aquatic Centre and North Van Library incorporate their solar panels into the attractive architectural design

Institutions also benefit by being known as community leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact Pro Eco Energy for a site analysis, and to design an alternative energy system that makes the best use of your property’s natural heat resources. Alternative energy rebates and other financing may be available.

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Our Solar Tracker, a big rotating solar array new to Western Canada, made the news!

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