Renewable Energy Systems:

Design and Installation

With government incentives, businesses and institutions on the forefront of green technology have been installing solar and geothermal systems, hybrid systems, and waste heat recovery units. In the process these buildings have reduced their traditional energy bills. They are helping to reduce Western Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, and they receive public attention for being ‘green’ companies.

With years of experience in design, installation and the use of the latest technology, Pro Eco Energy is one of the leaders in alternative energy solutions in Western Canada.

Waste Heat Recovery

waste heat recovery unitWhat if you could recover up to 66% of your electricity used and recycle it? Waste heat technology recovers heat from hot streams, such as diesel generators, cooling towers, and air conditioners. Waste heat recovery units boosted with heat pumps dramatically decrease the need for traditional fuel, and reduces thermal and air pollution, since most of the energy is recycled. In many cases buildings are achieving close to net zero traditional energy use.

Heat recovery heat pumps for Kamloops hotel’s hybrid solar system

Businesses and public buildings/institutions like the Best Western Inn which are large traditional energy consumers, and green energy leaders, see the wasted heat going into the atmosphere and are instead directing it back into their heating system.

Geothermal hybrid systems

solar geothermal hybrid system designPro Eco Energy designs the geothermal-solar infrastructure that enables maximum use of a site’s natural resources. We are experienced with the latest advancements in product technology. Solar panels with ground loop support can be boosted with heat pumps, heat exchangers, storage tanks and interchanges. Computers control the independent cooling and heating needs of a building as well as conserve or redirect heat from one area to another.

Virtually no other energy input is required by this winery’s new additions with it’s geothermal-solar system

Solar Thermal Systems

Pro Eco Energy designs and installs solar thermal systems from complex to simple, integrating them with geo-exhange, geothermal, waste heat recovery units, and other renewable energy systems. Pro Eco Energy is knowledgeable about the latest solar products.

This 500-unit residence in Calgary has 168 solar panels for heating water, heating the apartments and ground loop support.

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Alternative Energy

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