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Home Solar Systems

Home solar systems can be solar thermal, providing domestic hot water and radiant heat, or solar PV – solar panels providing solar electricity.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

1) The microinverter converts the maximum power from each module into standard AC electricity.
2) The gateway monitors the health and performance of each microinverter and solar module.
3) Monitoring and feedback software – mobile compatible – included

Start producing your own electricity with rooftop photovoltaic panels. Eligible homeowners can reduce their traditional energy requirements and export surplus generated energy back to their utility provider for credit against their energy bill.

With Pro Eco Energy’s Solar PV package, the 2.3 kWh system with 10 Hanwah solar modules at 230Watt will produce an average of 7.8 kWh per day and a yearly average of 2,850.25 kWh. On a sunny day with sun from 6am to 9pm, the 2.3 kWh solar PV system can produce over 25 kWh (in 15 hours of sun in summer). The yearly sunshine hours per day, in Penticton for example, is 5 hours.

When the PV system does not produce power such as at nightime or produces less power in cloudy or winter weather, the electric grid becomes the source, seamlessly switching over. This all happens automatically without user intervention. When the system produces more energy than is needed, it goes back into the public grid, and you will see the energy credit on your electricity bill. Without the need for storage batteries, the overall cost of the solar system is reduced and maintenance virtually eliminated.

A DC to AC grid-tied inverter converts the electricity from DC to alternating current (AC). A micro inverter collects the solar panels’ performance information over the existing power line. The micro inverter plugs into any standard AC outlet and connects by ethernet cable into a broadband router so that performance data is automatically transmitted to software on your home computer. This enables you to monitor your own energy production in real-time!

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Alternative Energy Systems for Homeowners

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