Geothermal Solar Systems

Geothermal Solar Energy Systems

Calgary apartment building with geothermal solar energy systemBusinesses with high energy needs such as hotels with pools, benefit the most from hybrid geothermal solar energy systems. Assessing the potential of your property to yield the energy required and design a system that takes advantage of the resources takes experience.

Solar and geothermal energy systems include energy management controls, pumps, and waste heat recovery methods. Modern renewable energy technology makes it possible to cut traditional fuel bills and dramatically reduce your business’s environmental impact. Your business becomes known as a renewable energy leader.

This 500-unit environmentally friendly residence in Calgary has 168 solar panels and ground loop support for heating water and space heat.

With Pro Eco Eenergy, you’ll be taking advantage of our years of experience in solar and geothermal systems to design a system that uses your property’s resources most cost effectively and efficiently. Pro Eco Energy has access and experience with the latest renewable energy products.

Businesses are saving many thousands of dollars in gas and electric bills. They greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. They receive public recognition as leaders in alternative energy. Their property’s value is increased with low or no energy bills in perpetuity.

Contact Pro Eco Energy for a site analysis, and to design an alternative energy system that makes the best use of your property’s natural heat resources. Alternative energy rebates and other financing may be available.

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