Energy Savings

Saving on traditional energy cost

With an amortization period of 4 to 8 years, and a typical 25% return on investment, your business can take advantage of renewable energy systems very quickly. Operation and maintenance costs are exceptionally low, and these systems combine effortlessly with your existing installations for supplementary heating.

Renewable energy is supported by financial assistance from the federal government. Not only are these solutions more cost effective than traditional systems, but they also represent huge reductions in CO2 gas.

Your business benefits from being seen as a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Government and utility subsidies and grants are usually available to help finance your investment in a renewable energy system. Pro Eco Energy can also help arrange financing.

Pro Eco utilizes local companies for installation and guaranteed 24/7 service, to ensure that you never have to worry about post-installation support. These systems are perfect for hotels, public pools and any commercial building, whether existing or new construction. We’ll help you from the design stage through installation and maintenance.

Call today to learn how your business can benefit from the natural power already available to you. We offer a free on-site consultation and proposal, so call now. The sun is waiting to help power your business.

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Alternative Energy

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Our Solar Tracker, a big rotating solar array new to Western Canada, made the news!

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