Commercial alternative energy systems

Commercial alternative energy technologies

comfortinn solarcondo solar systemCommercial buildings with high energy needs such as hotels, benefit from advancements in renewable energy technologies. New highly efficient solar panel equipment is boosted with computers – energy management controls – controlling pumps, ground source or waste heat recovery methods.

Comfort Inn Red Deer: one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly green hotels built in Canada so far

Buildings save on fuel bills by dramatically reducing or eliminating their traditional energy needs, not just from using less but from recycling the energy that is used. Property owners benefit from becoming known as leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The value of their property increases too.

Green-Adera multi-residence: takes advantage of a solar system for lower fuel bills, smaller carbon footprint, green marketing, and higher property value

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Solar Tracker in the TVNews
Our Solar Tracker, a big rotating solar array new to Western Canada, made the news!

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